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Protecting Yourself With A Home Inspection

That gorgeous house you have your eye on may look great, but it could be concealing all sorts of annoying and expensive problems—from a leaky roof to old wiring to a damp basement.

Before you buy it, you’ll want to make sure you’re not buying someone else’s problems! A home inspector will help determine structural and mechanical soundness, identify problem areas, provide cost estimates for any repairs or updates required and prepare a written report. Having a home inspection is a great way to identify costly problems that can turn your Dream Home into a Money Pit!

And if you still decide to proceed with buying a home with issues that have been flagged by your inspector, you will likely want to base your offering price keeping in mind the estimated costs of potential repairs and upgrades provided by your inspector.

The cost of a home inspection ranges according to size, age and location of the home. And who’s doing the inspection! Typically they range from $400 to $550. We can recommend reputable home inspection companies and arrange for an inspection of the property on your behalf.